Handbook for the development of policy scenarios workshops supporting energy transitions

Publicado: 11 noviembre, 2021 en Actualidade, Comunicación Ambiental, Medio Ambiente..., Participación Pública, TRANSFORMACIÓN SOCIAL
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A practical guide aimed to stimulate creative and reflexive learning processes, engaging workshop participants in the facilitated debate around the alternative avenues for the implementation of energy transitions as well as the co-definition of energy-related social innovations.

This handbook outlines the protocol for delivering multistakeholder deliberative policy scenario workshops. It illustrates each phase of the protocol with examples of good practices, tipping points, practical recommendations drawn from the SMARTEES project.

A set of key takeaways are highlighted, regarding the importance of engaging multiple stakeholders in deliberative, reflexive-thinking, and envisioning activities that lead to the co-creation of alternative policy scenarios for the future development of social innovations in the energy domain.

Reference:  Dumitru, A., Lema-Blanco, I., Macsinga, I. & Albulescu, P. (2021).  Handbook for the development of policy scenario workshops supporting energy transitions. October 2021, SMARTEES project.   > Download


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